Quick-Support | Made in Germany

The original Quick-Support telescopic pole – also named ceiling support or ‘third hand’ – is a very convenient tool in various situations: during fixing of dry walls or particle boards, hanging lamps, creating (plastic) dividing walls or a barrage.

The Quick-Supports can be brought to a maximum height through one swift movement of the unique, patented spring mechanism. Through pulling/pumping of the lever the support can be secured firmly. Solid rubber pads with ball joints are mounted on both ends to ensure a strong grip during fixing and accommodate sloping walls and ceilings.

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Ceiling/dry wall supports

Short supports (spanners)

Universal holder


The Quick-Support portfolio includes various products for different budgets and applications.
From short to long, modest to high capacity level, with our without spring mechanism or from a basic up to a best-in-class model. Please click here for the assortment overview.

Spare parts and accessories

All spare parts and accessories can be ordered by piece and are on stock.

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